Maria Carla Llera
Professional Cellist

An accomplished musician who has worked for various event companies in Florida.


Weddings, dinners, corporate events and more


Classical and contemporary music, acoustic and electric


Violoncello and piano lessons

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"Mary is one of the most talented and dedicated teachers I have ever met. Her passion for music is evident in her teaching, and she always makes sure her students are progressing at their own pace."
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Laura Arenas
"Maria Carla is an exceptional cellist and her performance at our event was simply breathtaking. All of our guests were impressed by her skill and talent - Mary made our event unforgettable!"
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Rodrigo Martin
"Maria Carla played at our wedding and was simply amazing. Her music was the perfect soundtrack to our special day - we highly recommend Mary to any couple looking for awesome live music for their wedding!"
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Sophie Grant
"Mary is an exceptional piano and cello teacher. Her patient approach and ability to adapt to the individual needs of her students are impressive. Thank you Mary for helping my son develop his passion for music!"
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Rachel Lopez

Mary Llera

Melodies that resonate, emotions that transcend: Experience the music with Maria Carla.

300+ Events |   30+ Students

In his career as a cellist, she has participated in several festivals and competitions, winning awards and nominations. She has collaborated with different orchestras in several countries, television programs such as Premio lo Nuestro, playing with world renowned figures.

She has received master classes from maestros Ronald Zollmand, Walter Reiter, Anna Melkonyan. Likewise, she has taught in the Dominican Republic, played as a soloist in several countries such as Brazil, Cuba, Edinburgh and Colombia. She currently works for several event companies in Miami and teaches for the academy A tempo con la música.

Not only is Maria Carla an experienced cellist, she is also a teacher of both cello and piano. She offers a wide range of musical services, not just as a soloist but also as part of duos, trios, and quartets.

Her services include:

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